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Monday, April 7, 2008


As you have probably seen, the results for March's poll are in...and they are clearly skewed towards one end of the spectrum. Of the 125 total votes 64% of the respondents said that they only ride Metro a few times a month or never at all.

Due to what I thought was the readership of this site, I found this somewhat surprising, but then after further thought not so much. For full disclosure I must say that I selected the 'couple times a week' option. Once I move though that response will most certainly change to a daily ridership as I plan to get rid of my car entirely.

So what's your you ride often or not so much. And in either case, what's the rationale? Is it an inconvenience, not your style, or do you really love and/or hate riding the bus? Do tell.


Brianne said...

I only ride a few times a month, but I also do not own a car. I car-share and use that car 1-3 times per week (and if there was a Zipcar service in Cincinnati I wouldn't need to car-share).

Basically, I walk or bike as much as I can and save the Metro for rides up to Clifton.

The best plan for me is to live, work, and play in the same neighborhood. Downtown never gets boring, there's always something new to try or explore.

Unknown said...

I've never really needed to ride the bus (except in high school). So I just... never ride the bus. To make mysel feel better, I should say that I don't drive all that much either, and walk to work 2-3 times a week, depending on the weather.

Dave said...

I pretty much never ride the bus since I'm able to walk to work and I can get a lot done downtown.

I usually take my car whenever I need to visit any neighborhoods, visiting friends, or shopping, etc. I could probably take a bus in some of these situations, but not most.

Chris S said...

Frankly, there's two reasons I don't use the bus more than a few times a week. Firstly, I like to walk, so I walk alot. Secondly, figuring out which buses to take can be difficult (which is why I put together my site with the routes I do ride -

Radarman said...

Since I'm in (longish) walking distance to work, I take Metro when the weather is bad. That means I associate Metro with bad weather, which is unfair. My biggest beefs (beeves?) with Metro are the uncertainty of arrival times, the noise inside and out, and, on some routes, the overcrowding.

Matt said...

When I lived in Mt. Lookout years ago, I made a concerted effort to ride the bus (to my work in E Walnut Hills), due to the fact the there was a stop right on the square, steps from my place.
It was enjoyable for several reasons: met new people in the neighborhood (felt like we were a real community, that something in common - supporters of mass transit), saved money, time, and headaches of driving my own car through rush-hour hell, and was able to spend the commute time doing whatever I wanted (reading, observing the passing neighborhoods, talking with fellow ciitzens, etc.).
The negatives: buses are never pretty (reek of exhaust, while surrounded by molded, occasionally defaced, plastic hell), always felt a bit hypocritical (trading one combustion engine for another), and bus stops other places were bland, lonely spots (occasionally harboring less-than-friendly dwellers).

Of course, the hard and fast routes of rail transit, along with the environmental positive, not to mention, the romantic, idyllic quality they invoke, would have had me riding for every single errand around the city (not just to work and back), not to mention additional rides for it's innate entertainment value.

5chw4r7z said...

Since I work for UC I ride the bus for free. I used to ride the #39 which was awesome but the bastids changed the schedule on me so now I'm riding the #78 which gets me home even faster but is always standing room only, and packed with stinky people. Never have that problem on any other bus route for some reason.
They can't build that streetcar soon enough. Once the weather breaks, I'm going to try riding my bike.

Cincinnati NAMjA said...

I ride the bus about 5 times per week. No I do not own a car, but I started riding the bus BEFORE I sold my car. It helps that my job pays for its employees to ride public transportation though.

Anonymous said...

Like many here, I prefer walking and riding my bike to taking the bus. Because I go up the hill everyday I take the bus most days.

Initially I found the service, signage and frequency poor, and it definitely needs improvement but without ridership that is difficult to argue for.

Randy Simes said...

^Yup sounds like a chicken or the egg type thing.

Quimbob said...

Like Rdarman, I associate the bus with bad weather. Pretty amazing how cars and buses are kinda just big rolling raincoats.

Anonymous said...

I'm a non-driver and have been dependant on metro for years. I find it to be dependable and on schedule. Sometimes taking it is a pain in the ass (loud people, overcrowding, women wearing cheap nasty smelling perfume) but thats public transportation in general.

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