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Monday, April 21, 2008

Be a Volunteer Ambassador in OTR

Vitality Over-the-Rhine is a non-profit group that came into existence in the Fall of 2006. They are dedicated to making resident/business driven initiatives reality in Over-the-Rhine.

Currently they are embarking on a new Volunteer Ambassador Program. You need not be a resident of OTR to apply. You don't even need to be familiar with the neighborhood. If you are simply looking for a way to get involved and make an impact then this is for you.

All ambassadors will be provided with a map, a list of neighborhood contacts, and a T-shirt to wear whenever they're in Over-the-Rhine for any reason (additional resources will be provided as needed). Several Over-the-Rhine businesses will be providing drinks and restrooms for ambassadors to use.

Volunteers will not be required to check in, record hours or maintain a certain route, though volunteers can opt to have their time logged for any service requirements that they need to fulfill. While the structure of the program is fairly laid back, Vitality Over-the-Rhine asks that ambassadors not get drunk or cross over into the CBD while in service (to avoid confusion with the DCI Ambassadors Downtown).

This effort will continue as long as there is interest from volunteers. Fortunately enough for UrbanCincy readers...I'm organizing this whole effort. You can contact me for more information and details.

Randy A. Simes | Vitality Over-the-Rhine
Volunteer Ambassador Coordinator

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