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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vote Cincy for Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is an event that brings talented tech minds together to create a company from concept to launch over a weekend. It is a pretty neat event and has gone to the typical impressive list of cities:

Boulder, Toronto, New York, Hamburg, Houston, West Lafayette, Boston and DC and is expanding to 10 other cities. These cities include San Francisco, Boston, DC, Atlanta, London, Dublin, West Lafayette, Chapel Hill, Austin, Portland, and Seattle with more cities signing up weekly.
Currently Cincinnati is pretty high on the list of potential cities that Startup Weekend may come to, so get on there and VOTE FOR CINCY. You can also learn more about the event, and see what has been done elsewhere by going to the programs website:


Curtis said...

Why the intense need to vote... there's nothing proprietary about the weekend. Just get a group of people together and organize your own startup weekend like Birmingham did.

Randy Simes said...

I thought it would be a lot easier for people to go and vote for Cincy rather than organizing and setting up our own event.

However if you have the time/energy it would be great to have someone spearhead a local effort. :)

Anonymous said...

^^ Because we can

Kevin LeMaster said...

Poor Omaha.

Brianne said...

Columbus is turning up the competition. Can the 'Nati outvote the C-Bus?

No one disses the queen and gets away with it!

Jimmy_James said...

The top 3 vote getters (Columbus, Cincinnati, and Indy) are blowing the rest of the competition away with 179, 142, and 88 votes, respectively. Somebody contact these guys and remind them that Cincy is between the other 2 cities, and less than 2 hours from each. So if they pick us, they can pull from all 3!

Anonymous said...

Dudes, we're like blowing you guys away by 50 votes!

Seriously, I'd drive down to Cincy to be a part of this if you guys get it over C-Bus. But, hopefully you won't.

Hawse said...

Wow, you really shouldn't have said anything. I just looked again, and since your post 25 people have voted. . . we are only 25 away from the almighty c-bus.

Don't mess with the Nati'

Anonymous said...

I attended the Bloomington Startup Weekend in the beginning of February and was fortuante enough to be part of the organizing committee for this great event.

It is definitely an amazing experience that I would recommend to everyone!

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