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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Downtown/OTR top living destination(s) - Reader's Choice

In what turned out to be the most active poll to date, Downtown/OTR ran away with the selection as being the top living destination as per the readers of UrbanCincy. The Downtown/OTR selection accounted for 45% of the overall vote...way ahead of the second place finisher (Mt. Adams) which finished with 12% of the vote.

Some complained that it isn't necessarily correct to group places like Downtown and OTR, as well as, places like Hyde Park and Oakley. The goal was not to lump the places together, but rather group them together for their geographic relationship to one another.

So like always, please do tell why you voted the way you did...if you voted for Downtown/OTR did you prefer one over the other?


Anonymous said...

I voted form downtown/otr for one reason only, the streetcar

Anonymous said...

I meant to spell for correctly in the previous post

Anonymous said...

The Streets of West Chester wasn't an option so I voted for the next best urban option

Randy Simes said...

I also went with Downtown/OTR. While I love all of the other neighborhoods, and might very well end up living in some of those at some point in my life...but right now Downtown and/or OTR are for me.

VisuaLingual said...

I voted for OTR, not CBD. As I mentioned before, I think the distinction is an important one. I'll bet many people who do, or want to, live downtown wouldn't consider OTR [and probably vice versa].

Jason said...

I would have voted OTR, but I didn't see this poll until after it closed. I think OTR represents the most exciting area in terms of potential and overall value as a unique Cincinnati urban environment.

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