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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bill Cunningham is a fool

A little while back you got the UrbanCincy stance on the trashy talk-radio in Cincinnati that unfortunately boasts someone as idiotic and simply rude/crude as Bill Cunningham. Instead of restating the same points I have already made...I'll let you check out what others are saying.


valereee said...

You can't blame Cunningham for this one. He was just doing his schtick. What in the world possessed anyone to think Cunningham would be a good presenter for a campaign speech?

Reminds me of Stephen Colbert being asked to speak at the White House Correspondents Dinner and then offending everyone because he did his schtick. OF COURSE he did his schtick -- he's an ENTERTAINER. Same with Cunningham.

G-RANT said...

the only difference is that cunningham isn't that entertaining because his schtick is repetetive and lame.

Jimmy_James said...

I can't stand Cunningham and I feel like this being all over the news makes Cincinnati look bad. On the other hand, watching a presidential candidate shame him on a national level makes me like McCain even more. So I guess it's a wash. At least his behavior wasn't surprising.

Anonymous said...

Bill Cunningham needs to take his Forrest Gump haircut and get out of Cincinnati.

Anonymous said...

Willie is the greatest! Lighten up lefty!

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