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Monday, January 21, 2008

Who's cutting these deals?!?

There have been a couple of troubling reports lately that have left me dumbfounded. The first was the report about the land on The Banks site controlled by the Freedom Center. I'll break it down for you real quick in case you missed it...Essentially the Freedom Center comes to town and Hamilton County officials just up and give them a patch of prime real estate directly in front of the museum. Furthermore, The Banks Working Group then promised the Freedom Center $1M for the property should the developers want it (and why wouldn't they).

Well what do you know...the developers wanted to use the prime real estate. So then Freedom Center officials say great, we'll take our $1M now. What I don't get is who in the heck ever wrote this deal...and why?!?! There were no contingencies, nothing. Luckily the Freedom Center decided to give it back out of good will.

The second is this news about the deal Hamilton County signed with Butler County for housing overflow inmates at the Butler County Jail. Essentially that deal forced Hamilton County to pay for 300 beds/night whether we used them or not. This bothers me doubly because Hamilton County leaders screwed the pooch on yet another deal, and Butler County officials knew they had Hamilton County at their mercy so they went for the throat. Shame on both parties for such poor and irresponsible leadership...whatever happened to the interests of the taxpayers...and what ever happened to regional cooperation?

BTW, I wonder if Hamilton County will give me some land that I've been eying out.

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G-RANT said...

i have a great idea!

turn the freedom center into the new jail! problems solved!

then people could be imprisoned in the freedom center. how ironic!

maybe they could still do tourist walkthroughs and raise some cash, have the prisoners in lifesize dioramas or something.

Randy Simes said...

I don't really understand the negative public perception of the Freedom Center, have you been there?

Other than that, I don't see a problem with them asking for money that has been promised to them. That is the case with this land, and it is also the case with the tax dollars they get to help with paying off construction loans.

Cincinnati NAMjA said...

I did not know that the $1M had been promised to the Freedom Center. If that is the case, there is not reason why The Banks should not pony up and give it to them. I too am glad that the Freedom Center donated the land, citing the "greater good" but come one, the The Banks should have offered something for the land, if not the entire $1M.

Quimbob said...

The deal was made by the same clown who gave away Drake Hospital after the citizens voted to support the hospital. Heimlich blocked the hospital from actually getting that (voter approved) funding, too.
Then he says "the people" should be allowed to vote on building a new jail.

Anonymous said...

perhaps whoever gave the land to the Freedom Center never actually thought the Banks would get built, so it would be a non issue.

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