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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Uptown on the move

Quietly, while no one has been paying attention, the movers and shakers in the Uptown area have pieced together some development agreements, bought up land, and kept things moving on a couple of potentially bold changes for the area.

The first of the news came last week when the Clifton Heights Community Urban Redevelopment Corp. announced that they have selected Towne Properties to be the developer for the long-trouble McMillan Park site. You know the sits sandwiched between Calhoun and McMillan streets and boasts a new grassy lawn and two boarded up structures (former Arby's and Hardee's restaurants).

The second piece of news is hot off the presses, and this one presents one of the greatest opportunities to transform Corryville. The University Plaza redevelopment is Uptown Consortium project on Short Vine. Currently the site boasts one of the worst Krogers in the city, and a hideous strip mall of sorts. Likewise with CHCURC, the Uptown Consortium has selected Towne Properties to take on the role of transforming this current mess.

The vision that the Uptown Consortium has for the site is an amazingly different site that includes a reconnection of Short Vine with Vine Street and most importantly the demolition of the Kroger and strip mall...which would be replaced by an urban project that makes you yearn for more.

This is all well and good, but it actually needs to happen. Luckily it seems that Uptown has about as much momentum as ever right now with the successful completions of several large projects like Stratford Heights, University Park Apartments, Stetson Square, and a few major hospital expansions.

***Breaking News: It has been announced that a 138-room Hampton Inn & Suites Hotel, an IHOP restaurant, Starbucks retail location, 115-car parking garage and a yet-to-be-named bank branch will be locating on the MLK/Vine Street site at that end of Short Vine. The site was recently acquired/cleared, and developers hope to break ground this summer.

Image Credits:
*All images are of the proposed University Plaza redevelopment
*All images are also from the Uptown Consortium

1 comment:

Kevin LeMaster said...

I'm glad they finally made the announcement on the MLK/Vine site. I was starting to worry.

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