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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ohio Hub Plan Advocacy

Like the idea of regional rail transportation in Ohio? Well there are a few things you could do to be more impactful when it comes to making this goal a reality.

All Aboard Ohio is the statewide advocacy group for regional high-speed rail, and they have now introduced a new online petition. Their goal with this is to, “forward the link to this online petition to every email address in Ohio leading up to our LegislativeSummit on April 30th.” Primarily what they're advocating for is the development of the Ohio Hub Plan.

Another thing you could do is write letters to your congressional representative and/or your related member in Senate. We need to bind together and work towards accomplishing this goal. Sign the petition, it literally takes about 30 seconds.
Image Credit:
Ohio Department of Transportation


Sean F. said...

The Ohio Hub plan may be the most important piece of infrastructure the state has taken on since the canals. The US is woefully behind on its rail connectivity, and the lack of rail in central places such as Ohio is one of the reasons. We could be the hub between the Midwest and the South for many years to come if this plan comes to fruition.

Jimmy_James said...

Wow. This would be just about the greatest thing ever.

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