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Thursday, January 10, 2008

IKEA Cincinnati!

It's official...IKEA has announced the opening day for their new Cincinnati area store. Clear your calendars for March 12th, and get a good nights sleep...the store opens at 9am.

OHIKEA has been keeping tabs on all things related to the Cincinnati store and has the press release available for viewing. At OHIKEA you can get more information about employment opportunities and everything else juicy that you may or may not want to know.


liberal foodie said...

I heart Ikea. This will be good for Cincinnati's tourism, economy and all around. People drive hours for this place; we did, we drove to Chicago few years back.

Anonymous said...


Why do you like Ikea? Isn't it just another a big box retail chain that encourages people to drive from all over God's creation, both near and far?
Shouldn't we all be shopping for furniture on 4th Street?

It's impact as a tourist destination will be muted. It wont be long before they have one in Louisville, Columbus and Indy.

Randy Simes said...

Simply put, no. IKEA is much different from the typical big-boxers out there. Sure the physical footprint of their stores is a big-box, but the social/environmental awareness of this company is FAR different from any other typical big-box retailer.

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