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Monday, January 28, 2008

Cincinnati and Missing Cows

Cincinnati has lot going for it, affordable housing, great restaurants, a vibrant arts scene, and a wonderful park system. Despite this, we seem to be unable to keep track of our livestock. Yet another cow is missing.

I suppose a positive spin on this would be that we have so much green space in the city, cows can evade capture for some time. A negative spin on this would be that we are essentially Mayberry with 2.1 million people.


Randy Simes said...

This is so funny, because it's so true. I remember when that infamous cow hid away in Mt. Storm Park for days eluding its captures. This was after it jumped over a ridiculously high fence at the butcher yard.

Chris S said...

Or yet another way to put it negatively is that we still actually have slaughterhouses within the immediate metro area (such facilities have long since been forced out due to cost/space requirements of other large markets). I think thats a more fair way to put it "negatively", just another sign we haven't grown as much as we could. Still a long way from Mayberry ;)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone notice that the black spots on the cow are actually the different continents of the world map? o_o Haha.

Sara said...

The spots on this cow look like the map of the world.

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