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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Streetcars/Transit should be #1 priority for Cincinnati - Reader's Choice

Your votes have been cast and have spoken loud and clear. By a wide margin the readers of UrbanCincy have stated that streetcars and/or other rail transit should be the #1 priority for Cincinnati.

The poll had a 162 total votes with 50% (81) voting for the rail transit option. Redevelopment of OTR and completion of The Banks finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Interestingly enough public education received the least amount of votes (even behind public safety). So anyone want to elaborate on why they voted for what they did?

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WestEnder said...

I voted for education. I figured a better educated populace elect better officials who would make better decisions.

And since education is linked to arts support, support for education is support for arts.

Education is also inversely correlated to crime, so it's also a vote for public safety and reduced tax expenditure (courts, jails, patrols, etc.).

Education also correlates to economic prosperity, so it's also a vote for economic growth and innovation.

I looked at education as the fundamental springboard for all the other good things.

Anonymous said...

Another way to look at this is, yes, streetcars finished first, but streetcars, OTR and the Banks, together as a coordinated strategy for repopulating the core of our city, finished first by a mile.

Rail transit is as much of a real estate story as a transportation story. In fact, if the streetcar is really successful, people who live and work in downtown and OTR will be moving less, not more. Just one of the counterinuitive realities of transit oriented development.

The Sour Kraut said...

You ask: "So anyone want to elaborate on why they voted for what they did?"

Are you serious?

Aside that you poll had only a sample size of 162 and your population was people that read your blog, who are hardly what I would consider impartial or typical, how can you even consider the result significant?

To come up with the stated top three priorities ought to give you a clue that the respondents were narrow-minded, myopic, naive, and unable to analyze any problems that require more that a simple sentence to describe it. Frankly, it bothers me that you even posted it and proposed the question because I think you are smarter than that.

Nietzsche said that convictions are a greater threat to the truth than ignorance. Can't you see what he meant by that?

Randy Simes said...

I'm sorry that my informal poll upset you, The Sour Kraut, but these polls are obviously reflective of the blog's audience (just like the Enquirer's polls).

I'm not sure I would go as far to say the people, who took this poll, are "narrow-minded" and/or "naive." The polls on this site are meant to be fun and engage the readership. The follow up posts are meant to create an avenue for people to discuss the pros/cons of the issues at a productive manner.

Thanks for your thoughts and for taking time to read UrbanCincy.

Unknown said...

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