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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Go Bearcats!

The Bearcats are hot off of the news of going to their 6th bowl game in 8 years. They also have announced that roughly 8,500 Bearcat fans will be making the trip to Birmingham for the Bowl. Brian Kelly has been named Big East Coach of the Year, Mike Mickens (CB) and Kevin Huber (P) have been named All-Americans. Oh and don't forget the second-team All-American honors for Terrill Byrd (DT). These honors go along with a host of conference honors that a number of Bearcats have received.

If all this is exciting enough for Bearcat fans, then how about a brand new 5-year contract extension for head coach Brian Kelly. This new contract gives some more money to Kelly, but most importantly gives a lot more money for assistant coaches and new facilities. Essentially assuring that this program continues its growth and maturation as a BCS contender.

The contract extension is already making an impact with St. Xavier's standout offensive player, Danny Milligan, orally committing to UC just last night. St. Xavier coach Steve Specht said this is in part due to the contract extension for Kelly and the spread offense that he runs.

If you're not making the trip to Birmingham, AL for the bowl game...then be sure to catch the Bearcats on ESPN2 Saturday, December 22nd at 1pm. GO BEARCATS!

1 comment:

Kevin LeMaster said...

I'm excited about Kelly's new contract, and I'm glad he's making the commitment.

I know that these contracts generally don't mean sh*t, but I really think he's trying to accomplish something here.

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