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Friday, December 21, 2007

CoolTown Studios on the 'Q'

CoolTown Studios has done an excellent write up on the ever emerging Gateway Quarter in Over-the-Rhine. This particular write up highlights the focus on contemporary urban living with the businesses that have opened up in the district.

The Gateway Quarter already has a host of great businesses that have opened up including Park + Vine, Mica 12/v, Metronation, CityRoots, and Jean Robert's newest restaurant that is on the way. In addition to this there are a few more great spaces that are bound to be filled with more fantastic businesses very soon.

So go check out CoolTown Studios and go check out these cool new businesses in the 'Q'.

1 comment:

Randy Simes said...

3 additional places should be opening in the Gateway Quarter soon:

Lucky Step
Incredible Creations
Lavomatic Caf (Jean Robert's new restaurant)

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