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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cincinnati sleepy no more

Many have often criticized this city for being slow to act, and essentially being unable to do big things. All of these naysayers have had the necessary fodder for some time now, but are now at a point of starvation.

They said The Banks wouldn't happen, that the streetcar works in a place like Portland not Cincinnati, they also said that QCS II wouldn't happen, and that Fountain Square would be a disaster and a waste of money. Well those naysayers couldn't be more wrong.

The Banks will be breaking ground on phase 1 this coming Spring, research/reports have indeed suggested that streetcars can work here, QCS II will be breaking ground this coming Summer, and Fountain Square has proven to be a smashing success that has lured tons of new investment and businesses to the center city.

Still think big things can't happen in Cincinnati? City leaders are essentially doing everything in their power to prove you wrong, and to be honest I think they're doing a darn good job.


Unknown said...

Go Cincinnati!!! You must be very proud. I know I am. In my opinion, Cincinnati (Downtown) has hit, if not exceeded a positive tipping point. The amount of private investment occuring will only encourage additional investment...let's just hope there's no more riots.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the issue is whether or not Cincinnati can do big things. I think the issue is why it has taken so long to get them done. The idea of a new tallest building has been floating around since the 1980's, and we're soon going on 10 years since the Banks project was first mentioned.

Yes, Cincinnati is finally waking up. Let's hope it stays awake.

valereee said...

I'm not sure we can call it 'not sleepy' when it takes this long to get something done. Maybe we call it 'sleepy with intermittent episodes of activity.'

Randy Simes said...

valereee, it takes time to do these kind of large-scale projects. The fact is that they just don't happen overnight and quite honestly take many years.

Aside from the big-time cities (NYC, Chicago, DC, Philly, SF, LA, Miami, Atlanta) no one does these large projects quickly...NO ONE. Actually very few cities even are capable of even doing these projects at all. We are lucky that Cincy is one of those handful of cities.

valereee said...

Aside from the big cities and the non-cities, you mean. Northern Kentucky seems quite able to move quickly.

Randy Simes said...

Nky is part of Cincinnati. What allows these projects to happen is the overall market of the region. For example, SouthShore would not be happening right now if it weren't for the entire Cincinnati region. The same can be said about Newport on the Levee. Ovation would not even be on the table if it weren't for the population, workforce, and money of the larger region.

It's about time we start looking at the two as being the connected areas and singular region that they are.

valereee said...

NKY isn't under the purview of the Cincinnati City Council, which is the dysfunctional family in this region. NKY can get things done fine. Just across the river, not so much.

Randy Simes said...

^Considering the fact that this very city council has approved The Banks (which breaks ground this Spring), balanced the City's budget, is working to finalize plans for the streetcar, and has resided over a period of population growth...significant crime reduction and improved public education system.

I personally find it a bit insulting that you view them as "dysfunctional." Please do tell me what the Nky cities have done so well other than build Newport on the Levee years ago and build a spattering of other projects that have all been outmatched by the shear number of projects on the Cincinnati side.

The whole Nky v. Cincinnati thing is really trivial and silly to be honest. Nky has done some good projects (ie Ascent, NOTL, SouthShore, etc) and so has Cincinnati (East End projects, CityWest, Gateway Quarter, The Banks, QCS II, Fountain Square District, etc).

Please, please, please...move on from this silly Nky v. Cincinnati shenanigans.

valereee said...

It's not a matter of one vs. the other. You say they're the same, I say they're two different groups. They happen to be physically next to one another and depend on one another for critical mass. IMO that doesn't make them the same. Cincinnati City Council has a long history of taking much longer than anyone could reasonably have expected to accomplish nearly everything they've ever accomplished, and of taking so long in some cases that small businesses in the way of their 'progress' were disrupted to the point of bankruptcy.

You personally find this insulting? Not sure I'm following. I certainly meant no insult to you.

Randy Simes said...

^They are the same...they are in the same region...are right next to each other...and essentially share the same successes and struggles.

Sure there is a political boundary that separates the two, but that boundary only means so much. There is much more behind the things that you are mentioning/hinting at, and I hope that you know the history and aren't simply falling for the same rhetoric that many others in this region have fallen for.

Crime has come up just recently as a major issue for city council to attack, and guess what they have dramatically turned around this city's crime numbers and is a model for other cities around the world.

NOTL got done quickly but is also struggling right now financially, and has hurt Newport economically since they essentially leveraged their entire future on that project. The Ovation project is hitting the same stumbling blocks that The Banks hit in Cincinnati, but its just not being covered in the same light. Millennium Tower was never built in Newport and the World Peace Bell plan has been a major let down.

The difference you (and many people) talk about really isn't there. At the same time, aside from development issues...Cincinnati's education system is already better than Nky's and is improving, crime is dropping, and the amount of jobs is increasing. I don't see that as "dysfunctional."

Often times the quickest/easiest route is not the best one.

Unknown said...

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