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Friday, November 30, 2007

Support the Bearcats!

I am the first to start complaining about how I think the Bearcats got screwed in the bowl selection process. I don't buy the "Cincinnat fans don't travel well" mentality...especially when you're comparing us to USF and UConn fans. We beat both in heads up competition and have a better BCS ranking than UConn and are essentially tied with USF. Sure there are some other ridiculous reasons (not anything related to the quality of play) that were factored in, but I'll save those for another time I guess.

The bottom line is that Cincinnati needs to start supporting these Bearcats so that there will be no doubt in future bowl selection processes. We'll be playing in the Bowl in Birmingham, AL against the 4th place team from C-USA (Southern Miss). Lets get out there in large numbers and cheer our Bearcats on to what is sure to be an absolute blowout victory.

If you are a student, the Athletics Department is looking to get some sponsorships and get a really good financial deal for students to go to the game. What you need to do is call the ticket office, send UC Bearcat a message on Facebook, or go online. Just give your name and UC student ID number and you'll be put on a list of interested students. THE MORE THE BETTER!

Bearcat Ticket Office:
Order Online


Hawse said...

go cats

Randal Moss said...

I am new to Cincinnati and am an avid blogger on my personal blog ( where I write about work related things.
I also have started up a new blog with my wife about our move to Cincinnati and the adventure that has been the real estate market and all of the things we are finding to do in the city. I would like to know if You would put a link to my blog in your side bar. We ended up in the suburbs so I rely on site like yours and the Cincinnatiblog to keep up on the ebb and flow of the city. I know as an urban planner suburbs kill you so I'm so sorry in advance. I'd appreciate it if you would look over my site and let me know what you think, and put me as a link in your side bar and link back to any of my posts you find interesting. One of them is about a neat tool recently out for finding comparable rents in an area - great for Downtown and urban areas.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Brad, Go Cats! Can't wait for game!!! Ran did you know we get T-shirts too, how awesome is that :)

Unknown said...

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