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Friday, November 30, 2007

Support the Bearcats!

I am the first to start complaining about how I think the Bearcats got screwed in the bowl selection process. I don't buy the "Cincinnat fans don't travel well" mentality...especially when you're comparing us to USF and UConn fans. We beat both in heads up competition and have a better BCS ranking than UConn and are essentially tied with USF. Sure there are some other ridiculous reasons (not anything related to the quality of play) that were factored in, but I'll save those for another time I guess.

The bottom line is that Cincinnati needs to start supporting these Bearcats so that there will be no doubt in future bowl selection processes. We'll be playing in the Bowl in Birmingham, AL against the 4th place team from C-USA (Southern Miss). Lets get out there in large numbers and cheer our Bearcats on to what is sure to be an absolute blowout victory.

If you are a student, the Athletics Department is looking to get some sponsorships and get a really good financial deal for students to go to the game. What you need to do is call the ticket office, send UC Bearcat a message on Facebook, or go online. Just give your name and UC student ID number and you'll be put on a list of interested students. THE MORE THE BETTER!

Bearcat Ticket Office:
Order Online

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Experience the holidays Downtown

Well there's tons to do Downtown this holiday season as there is every year. There is the ice rink, the best Santa in the region, train display, free horse-drawn carriage rides, free trolley rides, live music all over the place and TONS of great restaurants. There is also a new Downtown Visitors Center set up in the lobby adjacent to Joseph A. Banks.

In addition to the new information center, there are a couple of other new things this holiday season. There is the new Downtown Gift Card which is valid at over 100 places Downtown. This can be purchased online (at DCI's website) or at the new Visitors Center. There is also a new Rookwood Pottery Commemorative Plaque. This too can be purchased at the Visitors Center or at Macy's Fountain Place. You can find more information HERE regarding both items and the details for each.

There is also a great Holiday Guide for everything going on Downtown this holiday season. It includes specific details for everything you'll want to cover this year. You can also find a list, with details, of all the highlights of things going on Downtown...and if you're visiting and need something to do; check out some of the Downtown Itineraries.

External Links:
Downtown Cincinnati Inc.
Fountain Square
Downtown Holiday Photos (by me)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Recycle Cincinnati

The City of Cincinnati has been working hard lately on improving the options for recycling in the city. One of the most recent efforts includes new recycling drop-off points throughout Downtown. Locations include the Main Library of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County on Ninth Street; the corner of Third and Butler streets; the corner of Third Street and Central Avenue; and the Cutter Street parking lot off Court Street. There is also a new recycling program for Bengals tailgating.

Did you also know that City of Cincinnati residents living in a single family home or an apartment building with less than 5 units can have a recycling bin delivered at no cost! You can request your bin by filling out an online form or by calling the City of Cincinnati at 591-6000.

In addition to these new locations to recycle the city also offers four drop-off locations for recycling. You can find out more information regarding acceptable items for recycling and the specific locations of drop-off points in the City of Cincinnati HERE! There is also a number of locations across Hamilton County that are drop-off points for residents.

Further Reading/Information:
Keep Cincinnati Beautiful
Live Green Cincinnati
Hamilton County Recycles
Cincinnati Freecycle

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Improving Cincinnati's bike scene

Cincinnati is's a very walkable city that has interesting streetscapes that do not completely bend over backwards to accommodate the automobile. I also feel that Cincinnati has a pretty strong bicyclist contingent... but with that said, I also think we should be doing a lot more to provide safe bicycle networks and parking facilities.

Portland is a city that is often thrown around as a poster child for a lot of things. But you know what...they simply do a lot of things right, and bicycling is one of those. You can request free bike racks, from the city, and even check out their standards if you so choose to install your own. Portland even has a master bike plan that has routes and parking facilities mapped out.

Bike Oasis Covered Bicycle Parking Facility

Now this has me asking myself...what could be done in Cincinnati to improve the bicycle situation here. Sure we have racks installed randomly, but Cincinnati's existing bicycle plan seems to be lacking. Furthermore I don't believe I've ever seen a covered bicycle parking facility in this city, or even a plan to install one. With Portland's bicycle parking options you can actually even request to have a facility installed that would provide on-street bike parking...taking up roughly 1.5 on-street parking spaces, and it would provide parking for 12 bikes.

All in all, it seems like something worthwhile for the city to pursue. You could reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, improve fitness levels, offer greater amounts of parking options and just make the city a more attractive place for those who choose to travel by bike. Given the recent progress of streetcars it would seem to be an attractive opportunity for the city to pursue.

Bicycling in Cincinnati:
MoBo Bicycle Co-op
Bike Trails in the Tri-State
Trail Yeah
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Clifton Plaza moving forward

The Bender Optical site on Ludlow Avenue, which is jointly owned by Clifton Town Meeting (CTM) and the Clifton Business and Professional Association, is moving forward with the city's recent approval for the demolition of the Bender Optical building.

The city has stated that the building will be coming down this Thursday (11/15)...thus clearing the way for the plaza to move forward. Following the demolition one more round of soil testing will be done, and then the site will be ready for the start of the plaza.

As for some background...the Clifton Plaza is part of the larger Ludlow Avenue revitalization project which will eventually include new sidewalks/curbs, added trees (where needed), improved streetlights, coordinated street furniture and the reduction of some overhead wires.

For more information check out the following:
Ludlow Avenue Revitalization Project Presentation
Clifton Town Meeting (CTM)

***The images illustrate the proposed improvements to Telford Avenue, and the proposed improvements for the Merchant's Lot access. Both images are from the presentation PDF that is linked above.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Downtown is the best nightspot in Cincinnati - Reader's Choice

So the results are in...and from the extremely scientific polling methods of UrbanCincy it appears that Downtown is the favorite nightlife area in Cincinnati. There was essentially a tie for second between Mt. Adams and Northside; with Newport on the Levee, Mainstrasse and Main Street (OTR) bringing up the rear.

I must say that I am pleasantly surprised with the results. I did not think that Downtown would finish first even though I think it is a great spot for nightlife. I was expecting Mt. Adams, but it should be interesting to hear the explanations from everyone on how they voted the way they did.

I personally voted for Mt. Adams, because I think it is the best spot to bar hop in the city. Although the area is lacking some night clubs, the bars there are second to none.

Photo Credit:

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