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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stop talking...start doing!

I don't know how many times I hear from the nay-sayers who continually claim that there is nothing to do in Cincinnati...or that it is a boring place for young people. You also hear, from these same people, about how Downtown and OTR are dead and have no chance. All of these statements couldn't be further from the truth, but they are said nonetheless.

What I realized in Atlanta was that the bars and clubs weren't that much better than Cincinnati...but what made Atlanta better for young people was all the damn young people. They were everywhere, and they were active. I saw a lot more young entrepreneurs and movers/shakers in Atlanta as compared to Cincinnati.

My point is that if you want OTR to be cool...or you want Cincinnati to have new fun/exciting things to do. Then DO it already!!! This city has long talked about what we can do, but only in select occasions do we actually act upon those words. I say it's about time we start putting up, or shutting up. If you say that OTR sucks and are doing nothing about it and have no connection to it...then shut it and move on. If you like to bitch about the poor leadership on city council, and live out in the 'burbs...then shut the hell up. You can move to the city and then have a voice, until then all you are doing is taking a crap on somebody else's lawn.

Let's step it up Cincinnati and start being the great city we are...instead of talking about the great city we could be.


Anonymous said...

Great post and I agree.

I think that Cincinnati as a whole has had severe self esteem issues. Although this is begining to change, we still need more participants instead of spectators ,and even worse, hecklers. Lets start rooting for our city itself just as hard as we root for our athletic teams.

WestEnder said...

Absolutely correct. My impression is that most of those nittering nabobs are Cadillac Rancherers who need to follow the crowd rather than find their own fun.

As my high school friend John said, a party is what you make it.

5chw4r7z said...

Bravo! Bravo!
I’ve been saying that since I got to Cincinnati. Something exciting to do isn’t going to jump up and punch you in the nose (you as in the complainers). Anything fun, or as you put it cool is going to take some effort, sitting on your butt and doing nothing is the only thing that is ever going to come easy.
I was surprised when I went to Chicago, once I got off Michigan Ave., it wasn’t much different than Cincinnati. Restaurants were closing at 3pm and others closing at 11. So, all you complainers, bust open a CityBeat, Cin or start hitting the web and make some plans to be downtown having fun this weekend.
I’ve said many times, the people who grew up in Cincinnati; most of them at least, don’t appreciate just how awesome Cincinnati is. Stop being a wallflower people and get out there and enjoy it.

ekalb said...

It seems you are preaching to the choir here. The editors of the local papers need a swift kick in the butt with their requests for comments to articles titled "What's wrong with Downtown" or "How do we compare". I am not quite sure why they do not just get to the point and title them "Reasons to sit on your couch".

Randy Simes said...

^Very true...and in case any of you have been wondering why so few posts lately. It's because I have been VERY busy doing whatever I can to make this a better city.

I've been volunteering my time and energy to many different efforts...and have been trying to sell the city to as many people as possible.

I took someone from out of town downtown to check out some places to potentially move to. He was concerned that it was a dangerous place. I told him that's why I brought him that he could decide for himself. BTW, we saw single women walking puppies around...saw a 6 yr. old girl blowing bubbles outside and just overall a bunch of activity.

The perceptions of this city are totally unfair and need to be corrected.

Anonymous said...

Exactly right unclerando. I just stumbled upon your blog a few months ago and enjoy it very much. Ekalb is right. I don't think anyone who is reading your blog thinks there is nothing to do in Cincinnati. People who read your blog are active in the community and want to improve our city. Those who need to read your message refuse to believe what so many of us know. The key is, how do you reach these people? Enquirer, local radio, local television?

You touched on your time volunteering for different city efforts. I'm new to all this online Cincinnati community and would be interested to learn more about volunteer opportunites. Can you point me in a good direction?

Anonymous said...

We totally agree that Cincinnatians need to get out experience the city and we are trying to do our part by reviewing the parts of the city that we think would be fun for young professionals to visit. Feel free to drop by and provide a review!

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are plenty of things to do in this city; and yes alot of people don't take advantage of the attractions provided by the city. However, if the city were more connected and pedestrian friendly then downtown would be able to draw crowds of a larger demographic from all over the metropolitan area. I don't know about ya'll, but we need LIGHTRAIL or a SUBWAY. For Christ sakes we alredy have the tunnels. The Metro Bus lines are too confusing and its not reliable because it only travels 2 directions. The Street Car the city is building is a good start. So all in all, yeah, there's plenty to do here, but the question is how do we get there. 75 is a fucked up highway, Gas is expensive as hell, and most of the younger generation is clustered in Clifton or Suburban Cincinnati. Network the city so that it's not so divided.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please! You are NOT going to be hired by the Chamber of Commerce.

Randy Simes said...

^I'm sorry...should I know what that means or even what it's related to?

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