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Friday, October 26, 2007

Keep the movies rolling

Citykin just recently was discussing how Fountain Square will be showing some Halloween type family movies this Saturday (10/27). This is due in part to the great turnout they saw over the summer and the somewhat mild weather we are experiencing.

Personally I love the idea of movie nights on the square. It is a really neat thing for families to do and it's free. Not to mention the unique social interaction opportunities the children have. But I have been wondering this since the summer was drawing to a close. Why is it that we have to stop showing these movies regularly after Labor Day? Sure this marks the end of summer, but the weather doesn't start to get all that bad here until about mid-November. I also think they should start earlier in the year than the typical Memorial Day weekend start.

I think it should be a week-to-week decision following Labor Day and before Memorial Day. This would allow the great movie nights, on the square, to continue. Lets really capitalize on this great activity on the square. Keep the movies rolling.

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Anonymous said...

They do the same thing with Party in the Park as well. It's a shame that these types of things aren't continued while the weather lasts, because we're probably missing out on 6-10 weeks worth of outdoor events each year.

5chw4r7z said...

They should run some shorter movies as the weather turns colder. When we go to the Cleveland Film festival they slide these 5,10 sometimes 20 minute movies in front of the main feature. Most of them are quite good.

CityKin said...

^I agree about the short movies. It seems to get colder the longer you sit.

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