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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How 'bout these apples?!

There has been a slew of good news lately for Cincinnati. The cool thing about these recent reports is that they are not as noticeable, at first, as new restaurants and clubs...but in all reality they are MUCH better.

Not only is the most notorious neighborhood becoming safer, but the entire City is seeing the effects of the increase priority of public safety. Programs like Operation Vortex and others have made an immediate impact and gotten criminals off the streets. This is great, but alone these are just quick fixes to a larger problem of crime and bad behavior.

Other programs like the Cincinnati Initiative and Citizens on Patrol programs are being set up as substantial fixes to some of these issues. Instead of just locking up and identifying the criminals we need to confront them and find out how we can get these people to start being productive members of society again. The COP programs are empowering neighborhood residents to take back their neighborhoods and make them safe again.

City Council members continue to make crime their main platform item...maybe it is now time to shift the focus towards education. Lets allow these programs to settle in and take the mean time lets make our public education as great as it can be, and really make Cincinnati a wonderful place to live. Instead of just pumping more money to spend in schools lets see if we can fix the root problems with our school system. How can we make them more exciting, inviting, comfortable and stimulating for our youths? These should be the next issues we tackle.

As for the other stuff...I'll add one of my lists here:

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