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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Can I count my chickens yet?

The two biggest projects going on right now in Cincinnati would be The Banks and the streetcar proposal...and the old saying goes, "don't count your chickens before they hatch." But it seems like both are chugging along now at a pretty good rate, and while there is some opposition for both, that opposition doesn't seem to have much traction.

The people making the decisions are generally supportive of both efforts and seem ready and willing to pass both through. The Banks is happening right before our eyes and looks like it will have all the political approvals it needs to move forward; ground breaking seems like for the 1Q of 2008.

The streetcar proposal has really gone public now and the naysayers have come out as everyone expected they would. However this is a project that will not require a public vote (which I don't think would be an issue anyways) and simply has to gain the approval of City Hall. After that you'll see tracks being laid and quite possibly streetcars running by the 4Q of 2010 (roughly the same time that people will be living at phase 1 of The Banks).

I don't want to get ahead of myself, but it seems as though this city is finally moving forward with The Banks and is moving very quickly to get streetcars running soon. I'll just say that I've got my camera ready for the ground-breaking ceremonies that are going to be held in the very near future.


5chw4r7z said...

I can't wait, sometime in 2010 Cincinnati is going to be the coolest place in the world to live.
Eat your heart out NY and Chicago.

ekalb said...

Thankfully I do not have to wait. I already think it is a much better place than either NY or Chicago. I have spent weekends in both condos downtown in the loop Chicago and near at 9th Avneue of NY. I think in 2010 Cincinnati will be a much better place. But none of the locals will in Cincinnati ever figure that out in their lifetimes unfortunately. Sad. But not for the city itself. This city will be for those that appreciate living life rather sitting in front of a TV.

Anonymous said...

We are not going to surpass nyc or chi-town any time soon or ever, but unlike those places, in cincinnati, you can actually afford to take advantage of all the activities the city has

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