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Sunday, September 23, 2007

NIMBY Tip of the Month (9.07)

Have you ever heard the complaint about how a bike trail, walking trail or stairway is going to bring crime and problems to someones property. The same can even be said for when people complain that crime and the inevitable fall of the neighborhood is near because of the addition of a potential bus stop (or other public transit stop).

Maybe my 'crimedar' (and yes I do have a trademark on the 'crimedar' slogan) is off, but I don't understand the philosophy behind this train of thought. Is it that criminals are going to ride their bicycles or take a jog to your house to clean you out? Or is it the fear that criminals will use these trails as loitering points to case out your home? Like I said...I must be missing something.

Don't be fooled; these people (fronting as bicyclists) are really pushing drugs!

While we're on the point of crime I'll bring up this other criminals have a code of conduct to solely commit their deviant acts only within Cincinnati city limits (or any city for that matter). I often hear how "dangerous" cities are...but at the same time people in places like Delhi Twp, Cheviot, Madeira, Green Twp, etc make these very same claims. Do criminals really walk down the street...stop and realize they are about to cross into *trumpets sound* Delhi Township and think "I need to head back...I'm getting to far from home base?"

This may be less of a tip and more of a question for those NIMBYs and suburbanites of the world who feel they're superior to everyone else. So please sound off and tell me of your tragic criminal experiences with bike trails, walking trails and the proliferation of crime that must exist right at the city limits.

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Anonymous said...

As with most things, I think it comes down to a lack of empathy and ability to accept anything that is different. It goes like this: "I'm not bicyclist, but those people who do ride bikes wear those tight, shiny clothes and funny shoes...they must be weird. If they were funny clothes they must do other weird things and I don't want them around my neighborhood doing those weird things." Same for bus riders...when they see all those faces that are different from theirs, it means they must be up to no good. Grow up, people. I ride bikes and I ride buses and I pay taxes!

5chw4r7z said...

Its funny to still hear complaints about bike trails, they've been doing these things for years now and the fact is they raise property values.
I've heard the same thing about play grounds.
Are these people willing to bet in a few years as gas continues its steady climb that a bus stop won't raise property values also

CityKin said...

The American psych, formed on the frontier demands an isolated, in-the-woods house, like a castle. A cul-de-sac offers this isolation, and nearby public trails disrupt this dream. The frontier mentality must be fought. Remember, townhouses, railroad flats, and streetcar suburbs are also very American, although today, they are snubbed.

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