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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Don't Trash The 'Nati

It is not often that I read the Opinion Section of the Enquirer...but today for some reason I felt the urge. You know that urge to test your toughness and stomach for what is typically ridiculous commentary. But today however, I was pleasantly surprised. Laura Kleckner had a wonderful piece discussing the University of Cincinnati and the neighborhoods that surround it.

I am a student at UC and trust me, I understand the urge to go out and party...and even get a little crazy. But it is often easy to overlook the fact that the neighborhoods that surround UC are exactly that - NEIGHBORHOODS. People live there 365 days a year, raise families there, make a living there and get to live their American Dream right there in those very neighborhoods.

Charlton Place - Jefferson Street

Unfortunately many college students have little respect for their surroundings and think of college as a non-stop party (some, not all). If you would like to experience college this way fine, but at least have some decency and try not to trash the neighborhoods that people have worked very hard on to clean up/improve.

urge UC students to be more respectful and work with community members to make the neighborhoods, surrounding UC, better places for everyone. Don't trash the 'nati.


Unknown said...

I would generally tend to agree with with your sentiments regarding the opinion section of the Enquirer. But recently, I've noticed that their editorials in particular have been much more practical and progressive than in years past. Let's just hope this is a sign of changes on the horizon for Cincinnati as a whole...(fingers crossed).

5chw4r7z said...

Its not just the surounding neighborhoods, five minutes after Stratford Heights opened they graffitti'd up one of the signs and destroyed a few rooms. Same with University Heights, lights were ripped off hallway walls. I though haven't they ever heard you don't s#!t in your front room? Then I figured it was friends of residents, but still, have some respect.

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