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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

NIMBY Tip of the Month (8.07)

I think that this might become a regular feature that will be some fun for everyone!

We all have heard of the dreaded NIMBYs before...and if you haven't then here is a quick summary to catch you up. NIMBY stands for Not In My BackYard; and it is representative of those individuals that oppose things from happening or have distaste for things that are happening near their sacred property.

Now there is nothing wrong with wanting to protect your property's value, but NIMBYs usually take it a bit to far. So without further ado here is the first NIMBY tip, that will hopefully save these individuals a lot of heartburn in the future.

Tip #1:
When house-hunting avoid locations near highways or other heavily traveled thoroughfares. It is most likely that these routes will not only remain heavily traveled, but actually become more crowded with traffic. All this traffic tends to make some if you buy a home a stones throw away from I-275, for instance, you should probably expect some noise issues.

Please note that this interstate was here before you purchased your house, therefore you really don't have any room to complain about the negative attributes the interstate carries along with its vehicles. I'm sorry, but no sound walls for you...and in all honesty if your home builder decided to clear cut the site of all its trees, then you should be the one responsible for the screening/buffers that you so desire.

It's not everyone else's fault that you bought a bad product just because it was located on a cul-de-sac. Dry those tears, because you bought that house and the backyard (I-275) that came with it.

**Please note that the house, in the above image, was built in 2001...I-275 began construction in 1958 and was fully completed by 1979. I would say that roughly 20 years is enough time to scout out a better home location.


Unknown said...

I agree with you whole-heartedly on this. These kind of people (a.k.a. your typical suburbanite) really get on my last nerve. They aren't willing to make any sacrifices in order to have their precious McMansion.

Anonymous said...

You are Soo funny! Definitely continue this every week! Nothing but awesomeness as expected!

Kevin LeMaster said...

Hilarious, and true.

I noticed they've been cutting and clearing vegetation for sound walls along I-275 through Forest Park and Springdale.

Randy Simes said...

Yeah, ODOT seems to be in love with these sound walls (I'm guessing the sound wall contractors have someone sitting on the board).

But at least that area is at least somewhat reasonable, with many of the homes being built over 10-20 years ago. Seems like such a waste of money/resources though given the fact that the walls actually do very little in terms of actually reducing the noise for those residences.

Anonymous said...

Hey! That's my house.

The soothing sounds of 18 wheelers puts me to sleep every night.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am always amazed when someone builds a house right on the expressway like that. It's one thing when the houses were there first (such as the case of homes near I71 and I75, but I do not understand those homes right on I275.

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