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Friday, August 31, 2007

Monthly Throwdown

Well today is the last day of the month...and similarly the last day you can vote on what you think about downtown's progress (or lack thereof). So what I (and I'm sure others) want to know is...why did you vote the way you did? Is it anything specific, pure emotional response, what?

Hopefully this can stir some good discussion, about different opinions, regarding downtown. A new poll will be coming for the month of September, and this discussion will most likely become a regular monthly event (I like the name "Monthly Throwdown" for some reason). Lets hear it and please...don't hold back, just make sure it is constructive dialog. I don't like to moderate comments (only deleted 1 comment ever) and I would like to keep it that keep it civil.


Randy Simes said...

I guess no one wanted to throw down...


Anonymous said...

oh, i'll throw down!

I think Downtown is steadily improving, but still needs work. The ever-important critical mass has yet to be met, in terms of residential supply and density. The critical residential developments Downtown seem to be spread out. Parker Flats, McAlpin and One River Plaza are all in separate areas of Downtown.

I think these represent the "boundaries" if you will, and that other developments will provide the "fill" between these points. Once the fill begins, then you will see the residential component approach critical mass, and the peripheral retail and office supply will take off.

With the way some of these developments are taking off, it won't take as long as some may think for the Downtown vision to be realized.

Randy Simes said...

BTW, I selected 'improving greatly' for a couple of reasons. First off it is a somewhat emotional selection, with the more realistic view being steadily improving...but I don't see anything wrong with getting excited about the positive stuff going on.

With that said, downtown continues to grow its residential base (even in this terrible housing market), new retail continues to open up with many being new/unique to the region. Nightlife has come full-circle downtown and it is really making it a vibrant place after the sun sets.

In addition the downtown office market continues to hold steady while it goes through a transition period recycling old space and bringing new onto the market. Downtown hotels are also the strongest performers in the region and are seeing higher occupancy rates.

On top of all of this...crime downtown has been plummeting in all areas (violent crimes and quality of life). When the incorrect perception of downtown being unsafe is finally shed then you will really see it take off. The residential 'critical mass' is already well on its way, and is just a matter of time. Perception is often a tough thing to shed...and it's the next major thing that will have to be addressed.

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