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Thursday, August 9, 2007

BuyCincy enters the Cincinnati blog scene

I have to say that I'm extremely pleased with the blog scene that is prevalent in Cincinnati. Environmental, design, photography, political, development, art, wine and even more types of blogs solely dedicated to the Cincinnati area. I must say that I think the recent blog competition heightened the level of awareness and has raised the bar for the quality of the many Cincinnati oriented blogs. You can already notice the difference with many bloggers (including myself) working to improve their own sites.

We now have another site to add to the list...a blog that is dedicated to the local shopping/retail that makes Cincinnati so unique. It's not everywhere that you find neighborhood butchers, bakeries, chili parlors, soft-serve ice cream stores and more. Cincinnatians are very loyal to their local shops and businesses, and even the corporate scene. BuyCincy is taking note of this special atmosphere in Cincinnati, and highlighting those special places that you might not yet know about.

The idea is to shop local and support the hardworking small businesses in Cincinnati. So go and check out the new site, authored by Sean Fisher, at:

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