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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Put your money where your mouth is!

So the question is whether $800,000 is better spent on the Freedom Center or on speed humps for residential streets throughout the city. Speed humps serve a small amount of citizens who just like to complain. These are the same people who ask for public stairs to be closed, bus routes to be removed, bike trails to be prohibited and the likes. They have specific issues with many things that are geared towards the greater public, and it seems like Chris Monzel would rather appeal to those citizens than to put money towards a Smithsonian Museum right in our downtown.

Now maybe I am confused or misinformed, but to me an investment in a Smithsonian caliber museum would seem to be a better investment than speed humps. It would also seem to be an investment that would benefit the community as a whole; not just the complaint oriented citizens. Even if you don't go to the Freedom Center (which I highly recommend a visit to), the community benefits by schoolchildren being able to go to the museum and learn a very important history of our nation.

If education and the youth are truly our future, then lets put our money where our mouths are and fund things that benefit our future. A child will not remember or learn anything from a speed hump that may or may not be on their neighborhood street...but they will remember the lifelong lessons that are taught at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.


Nicholas said...

I totally agree. Our council has failed us yet again.

Dave P. said...

FWIW, I was very hopeful about the Freedom Center, but it's been a huge disappointment, and I'm not sure how much more public money should be pumped into it. It's absolutely not a Smithsonian-quality museum.

Randy Simes said...

Whether it has been a disappointment or not is irrelevant. There is still NO comparison over funding a museum that attracts people to our city to speed humps for a few select citizens.

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