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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Enough already!!!

Alright, enough is enough already! The Banks is fresh off yet another 60, 30, or is it a 90 day delay...who gives a crap!!! It's just crazy; at this point it's just details getting in the way. The plan is, for the most part, complete and the developers are in place. Select some builders and we're good to go (excuse me Taco Bell).

I challenge the politicians and powers at be (behind The Banks process) to buck the trend and do something the public isn't expecting for a change...and MOVE FORWARD!!! I want the project to be done right, but this is just getting silly. The residential market downtown (and in the neighboring areas) is becoming more and more saturated and timing is everything for the success of this project. St. Louis saw these problems first hand with their similar Ballpark Village project. The developer cut out almost all of the residential units in the project...thus making it another hum drum project with no real human connect after the 9-5 hours.

Quit wasting precious time and take the final steps necessary to get The Banks moving!

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